Life at PKF

Ivy’s story: Finding a new challenge at PKF

Ivy, a Senior Manager in our Corporate Tax team shares why she chose PKF and the opportunities she has had to learn, develop and progress, both professionally and personally since being with us.

Tell us about yourself 

I’m Ivy and I’m a Senior Manager in PKF’s Tax team. I specialise in Corporate Tax, and have a range of clients that I help either by ensuring that they’re compliant with all of the relevant tax laws or by providing them with advice on how best to structure their tax arrangements. I also support audit teams with the tax elements of their work. 

Outside of work, I enjoy going to the gym and listening to podcasts. 

Briefly outline your career journey to date 

My career background’s unusual in that I went straight into industry after university, and worked in Network Rail’s tax team for 2.5 years. I’ve a degree in Maths, so wanted a job that appealed to my numeracy and logic skills. I then moved to one of the Big Four firms, working across a number of different locations and teams but after 3.5 years I felt unfulfilled in my role and keen to find a new challenge. 

Why did you join PKF? What initially piqued your interest?  

I was attracted to PKF because of its friendly and supportive culture, and the commitment the firm makes to looking after its people. In my previous role, it often felt like we were encouraged to compete with our colleagues rather than work together; that’s not something that appeals to me. The work life balance was also far from ideal, particularly once I’d started a family. 

What makes it more than just a job to you?

I genuinely feel valued at PKF. My colleagues are welcoming and go out of their way to help me. The firm also takes training seriously, and I’m impressed by the time and financial investment that goes into learning and development here. 

How does the culture at PKF differ from where you worked before? 

The culture here is definitely more inclusive. Lots of businesses talk about celebrating diversity, but you can see PKF’s commitment in this area each time you go into the office or join a Zoom call and see the people who work here. Everyone is easy to talk to – Partners at some Big Four firms have a reputation for being aloof, but that’s not the case here.

What makes your day-to-day role interesting?

The variety of work. My role covers tax compliance, tax advisory and tax audit, so I have the opportunity to challenge myself technically and develop on a number of fronts. I also feel very much part of a team, which makes a big difference.

How do you find the work-life balance?

We’re busy – because of all the new clients that we’re winning – but there’s a good balance. Knowing that there’s a team to support you during the busiest times is helpful too.

What opportunities do you get here to learn, develop and progress, both professionally and personally? How does that differ from your previous roles? 

The work is challenging and rewarding, so you have the chance to push yourself forward. You also get significant client interaction from a relatively early stage in your career. On top of this, the firm invests in numerous learning and development programmes that give you the technical and people skills that you need to do well and progress.