Experienced hires


About Tax at PKF

Tax has been under the global spotlight like never before in recent years, and the issues surrounding tax are constantly evolving both locally and globally.

Our tax professionals are known for guiding clients through the complex world of taxes, supporting them in paying the right amount of tax and enabling them to comply with their legal obligations. 

Why Tax at PKF

Our tax offering in London has grown significantly in recent years.  This means that there are numerous opportunities to develop and grow your career whilst working alongside supportive colleagues.

We offer a wide variety of interesting advisory and compliance work across a varied portfolio of clients – all within a business that allows you to shape your career according to your strengths, skills and personality.


Our tax services span a number of areas: corporate and business taxes, personal taxes, global mobility, employee taxes, VAT and other indirect taxes, and tax disputes.

As a result, you will be able to help our clients in many ways, from offering advice on employment taxation and international tax, to supporting mergers and acquisitions, to managing complex multinational VAT arrangements.