Life at PKF

Meet Prakash Mangi

Prakash Mangi, a Senior Tax Associate in our VAT team, has been with us since August 2021.  He shares his experience of joining us as a graduate, settling into his role and achieving ATT status (while planning a few social events along the way!).

How did you find us?

I graduated from Queen Mary University after studying Maths and Statistics, and then completed a Masters in Statistics Research at London School of Economics. At this point, I was ready to begin my professional career and I started applying for graduate roles – but Covid hit soon after.

Undaunted, I kept up the job search and came across PKF’s graduate roles. PKF felt like the right fit from the very start of the process as everyone I spoke to was keen to help and friendly, so when I got the offer to join, I knew it was the right decision and I accepted straight away!

What were your first few months like?

To help familiarise us with the firm, we were all given a ‘buddy’. My buddy, Charlie Jukes, was also a trainee, but somehow found the time to work, study and be available to support me. He gave me so much information, helped me to understand the systems and workflows, and made sure I was getting to know people. Having a buddy was invaluable, and created a brilliant start for me working here.

How is training and support at PKF?

The support, training and development at PKF for us ‘EICs’ (early in careers) is fantastic and championed by Head of VAT, Mark Ellis, who encourages us to identify the training we think we’d benefit from. Like all VAT EICs, I am working towards a professional qualification, starting with ATT (Association of Tax Technicians), and then CTA (Chartered Tax Adviser). I’ve had great support and time to revise for the exams. I now have my ATT under my belt and I am looking forward to completing CTA!

What do you like most about working in VAT?

VAT has a strong focus on law, and in my opinion, it’s the most interesting tax to specialise in. It is a varied role and it’s not just about analysing the past; it’s also about looking to the future – considering what is yet to come, whether that’s supply chain issues or potential acquisitions, for example. I really enjoy the variety of work.

Working in VAT requires strong communication skills, as we regularly liaise with clients.  Some are accountants and advisers, and others are the business owners who have a limited knowledge of VAT, so communication is extremely important. Analytical skills are also very useful as research is a key part of the role as we need to find answers for each specific case using guidance provided by HMRC.

What stands out to you about working at PKF?

Being a part of PKF is so much more than the professional role you play. The regular socials are great, and there’s a wide variety of events to go to. We have the end of month drinks which are a great opportunity to not only spend time with your team, but to get to know others across the firm. I’m also a part of the Culture & Social Committee for Tax, and get to organise regular events for the team. So far we’ve been to a number of new venues in and around our Canary Wharf offices, including Bounce, Munich Cricket Club, Electric Shuffle and Boom Battle Bar!