Life at PKF

The rest is history: Three month contract turned permanent

We spoke to Abi Williams, a Senior Manager in our Business Services team, about life at PKF since joining us in May 2021.

I’ve now been at PKF for over two years. I initially trained at KPMG, joining its school leaver programme as I didn’t go to university. I trained on the job and decided to take a break after six years. I then ended up contracting for PKF for three months before becoming permanent – and the rest is history!

Most of my time at work is spent talking to different teams and dealing with client queries – so I’m on the phone for a large part of each day! Overall, I can say I really enjoy my role. Outside of work, I have a passion for anything creative – art, drawing, painting! I also like watching and following women’s football.

I joined PKF because the culture stood out to me. I believe that most firms offer a solid training programme, but a supportive, inclusive environment can be difficult to come by. The Partners are also approachable and friendly, and that really does make a big difference!

My job really is more than ‘just’ a job. I’m able to come into the office, have fun and laugh with my colleagues. The people here are friendly and we’re all treated as individuals, and that makes you feel valued.

I feel supported at PKF – and I’ve always been given support when I’ve needed it. The management here are good at telling people they are appreciated and always request feedback so that they can improve.  That happens at all levels across the business.

We invest in our people and the social activities. There is a packed social events calendar across all of our offices, and that really helps keep morale high!

The working environment in the London office is collaborative and reflects the friendly and social culture that we have here. Post-Covid, the office is always busy and people enjoy coming in and seeing each other.

I’ve had some fantastic learning and development opportunities since being at PKF. I got the chance to go to South Africa last summer to organise some training sessions for our team out there.  I had to develop my own training materials and then deliver them, which was a new experience for me. I just wish I’d checked the weather as it was cold and I didn’t pack any jumpers!

Q. Describe yourself in three words:
A.Loud, clumsy, fun.

Q Favourite television programme?
A. Grey’s Anatomy

Q.You can invite three guests to a dinner party (living or dead) – who would you choose and why?
A. Jodie Comer, Miranda Hart and Leah Williamson.

A fantastic group of women, who have achieved so much – and life’s too short not to laugh!